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Mama Nurture – Postnatal Group

Mama Nurture – Postnatal Group


Mama Nurture – Postnatal Group

Are you craving to connect with other like-minded Mums with bubs?

Are you wanting some extra support during this huge transition into motherhood?

Do you wish there was a place for you to share your motherhood experiences and learn from others?

A place for sharing, connection, and personal growth to help support you through this time of enormous adjustment into motherhood.

All mothers deserve to feel supported as they transition into motherhood. The ancient tradition of the women’s circle is continued in our Mama Nurture postnatal support group. Mama Nurture is a mothers group led by qualified counsellors where Mums can bring their bubs (aged 0-6months) and share their experiences and unique wisdom in a nurturing environment.

Our discussions go deeper than sleep, rocking, spew and poo..though these are the things that consume most of our time as new mothers! It is a place for sharing, connection, and personal growth to help support you through this time of enormous adjustment into motherhood.

The Mama Nurture groups are..

So much more than just “baby-talk.” It’s a facilitated women’s circle to share, reflect and gain insight into yourself as a woman, your new role and identity on your personal journey into motherhood.

We welcome both first time mums and mums of two or more children with open arms!

We understand that second time mums need support and nurturing too! Just because you have already been on the ‘mum train’ once before shouldn’t preclude you from being able to join a mums group again. Being a mum to more than one, can be just as challenging and isolating as a first time mum; there is more to juggle, with less sleep and less free time, and being able to share all of this with other mums in a similar position can be hugely beneficial.

During our group meetings you will have an opportunity to:

  • Ask questions
  • Connect with other like-minded mothers
  • Gain skills and insight from your own and others experiences
  • Listen to Guest Speaker experts (e.g. sleep and settling, nutrition, lactation and first aid consultants)

Facilitated topics are gently threaded into the discussions and include themes such as:

  • The ‘Fourth Trimester’
  • Attachment and bonding
  • Mind shifts and mindful mothering
  • Relationship and identity changes
  • Self-care
  • Mother Guilt
  • Relationship management

…and more.

The Mama Nurture group grows into a supportive village of like-minded conscious Mums who can go on to forge deep and lasting friendships and support each other for many years to come.



Lana Sussman (Social Worker)

Kirsty Levin (Psychologist)

Dates & Frequency:

Running weekly throughout the year.

Tuesdays -11:00am-12:30pm

Baby Age Group: 0- 6 months

Group Size: 10 mums and bubs


The Clovelly Hotel, 381 Clovelly Road, Clovelly, NSW 2031


Baby change table, lift and pram access, coffee and dining options available

Free undercover and street parking available

Cost: $25 per session

For Enquiries and Bookings please contact: 

Lana: 0413 389 620

Kirsty: 0414 841 585

The most difficult part of birth is the first year afterwards. It is the year of travail – when the soul of a woman must birth the mother inside her. The emotional labour pains of becoming a mother are far greater than the physical pangs of birth; these are the growing surges of your heart as it pushes out selfishness and fear and makes room for sacrifice and love. It is a private and silent birth of the soul, but it is no less holy than the event of childbirth, perhaps it is even more sacred.

-Joy Kusek-