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Our Story

Our Story


Our Story

Our Story

In our lives before kids we thought we had it all together – we were independent, career focused, high achieving, spontaneous, super social and in control.

We thought…”We’ve got this”

During our pregnancies, we were inundated with loads of advice from friends and family – everyone had their two cents to offer. But we both felt like few people gave us an honest, raw ‘heads up’ about all that needed to be considered, prepared for, and embraced after childbirth.

The combination of sleep deprivation, hormonal fluctuation, and loneliness on top of the huge responsibilities of caring for a newborn left us feeling overwhelmed and isolated. We desperately felt the need for a “village” to learn from, lean on and laugh with.

Our little bundles of joy brought us “poop-losions, and “spew-namis”, litres of dribble, endless loads of dirty laundry and tons of tears (theirs and ours). They also brought us abundant love, unimaginable joy, laughter and wonder that is beyond comprehension. Children seem to break and then make us…teaching us the hardest lessons in letting go and embracing the unpredictable, whilst honing our multitasking skills, all on minimal sleep!

And so in 2016 we formed The Parents Village in our living rooms in Sydney. United and motivated by our mutual experience of being completely “motherwhelmed”, bloody exhausted and craving a village.

We dreamt of a safe place, a “village centre” of sorts where all new and expectant parents could come together to connect, support, prepare and empower each other while embracing all the trials and tribulations that come with parenthood.

-Kirsty & Lana-

Vision & Purpose

As professionals and mothers we understand that every baby, parent and family is unique. Becoming a parent is about so much more than giving birth and taking care of your newborn. It’s about birthing and raising parents too.

We know that it’s hard to raise a child without a community or village around for support. That’s where we want to step in.

The Parents Village is a hub for all new parents and parents to be. Through our holistic prenatal and postnatal services we will:

🗸 Help you work through the multitude of feelings, expectations and transformations that naturally come with this new role and identity.

🗸 Empower you as caregivers with the skills, support networks, strategies and resources to gently navigate through this new experience of parenting.

🗸 Increase your insight and conscious connection with yourself and your baby, your partner, family and friends, your working identity, and other like-minded expectant parents.

🗸 Assist in identifying your key priorities and needs as expectant and new parents in your personal and professional lives.


We are all about you.

Our focus is on birthing and taking care of the parent. We prioritize your needs with the knowledge that your wellbeing is fundamental to meeting the needs of your newborn.

We will help support and empower you.

As you transition and adjust to parenthood – from pregnancy all the way through to the first year.

We value honesty, openness, and transparency.

About the parenthood experience. We hope to inspire others to feel comfortable enough to share and grow through this challenging experience.

We are committed to help you gain self-awareness and insight.

We are conscious parents driven by a passion to assist other parents to become more mindful in their parenting and within themselves.

We are an all-inclusive community.

We value diversity and are dedicated to helping you strengthen your relationships and build a core support network.

We are flexible to your needs.

Our services are tailor made to suit your individual and family’s needs.

We value individual choice.

We embrace your chosen approach to birthing and parenting styles.


Early intervention & education – “forewarned is forearmed.”

  • Research shows that prior knowledge and awareness of possible options, challenges, changes, risks, or problems in life gives new parents a distinct advantage and ability to prepare mentally emotionally and physically for what lies ahead.
  • Timely support and response to any major life changing event including the birth of a new baby facilitates faster recovery and more positive associations with that event long term.

Group based education, support, and therapy – “we are all in this together.”

  • Facilitates open and honest peer group sharing and connection and acts as a support network for normalising feelings and experiences.
  • Minimises feelings of isolation and alienation – new parents learn early on that they are not alone in their vulnerability.
  • Empowers new parents to find their voice through the opportunity to reflect, explore, discuss and heal whilst building a solid support network.

Focus on the multi-layered transformation into parenthood – “the sum of all parts.”

  • The birth of a new child also signals the birth of a new parent. This transformation commences well before the baby is born and continues on for the lifetime of the parent and child. Childbirth is but one part of a whole lifelong experience as a parent.
  • Our program considers the whole person (body, mind, spirit and emotion), as well as the whole journey as a new parent (personally, socially and professionally) – before, during, and after childbirth.

Evidence-informed approach to parenthood education.

  • As a qualified psychologist and social worker, as well as being certified facilitators of Elly Taylor’s Becoming Us™ program we are up to date with recent research into mental health and relationship changes associated with the birth of a child.
  • It has been documented that parent education during early stages of pregnancy not only builds awareness of mood and relationship changes related to childbirth, but can also help to diminish the trauma that Post Natal Depression or Anxiety may cause, decrease the likelihood to panic, and increase the likelihood that parents will seek support early on (PANDA; COPE).
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