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Who We Are

Who We Are


Who We Are

Meet Kirsty Levin

  • Mama of Two Boisterous Beauties
  • Psychologist and Careers Counsellor
  • Master Multitasker
  • Tattoo Designer and Colour Coordinator
  • Household Handywoman
  • Tech Tinker-er
  • Recovering Control Freak

Professional Bio

I am a registered Psychologist and Career Coach, with a Masters of Organisational Psychology (UNSW), and over 18 years’ experience spanning across the corporate and public sectors in HR, leadership development, consulting, executive training and coaching, career counselling, and now in private practice at The Parents Village.

My own struggles in adjusting to parenthood and in juggling motherhood with a career, fuelled a desire to shift specialisation to the perinatal domain, and my passion to work with expectant and new parents so that they felt better informed, skilled, and supported through their personal and professional challenges and changes. I have a particular interest in prenatal education focusing on parenthood preparation, and in career coaching parents to achieve better clarity and alignment with their skills, interests and needs.

I utilise a range of psychological approaches and frameworks including Psychotherapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Positive Psychology and Design Thinking with my clients.

What I Thought I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up

Throughout most of my school years I was hell bent on becoming either a painter, a tattooist or a hairdresser. Back then I was drawing all over canvases and myself, and chopping lopsided creations in my own and my friends’ hair – much to my parent’s dismay. I was obsessed with visual and independent expression, and confess that I still obsess over new tattoo ideas and hairstyles thanks to Pinterest and Instagram.

What Happened Next

Instead of following artistic fantasies I studied psychology, based on my frequent selection as negotiator for many a high school spat between teenage girls. I found I had a knack for listening and a keen intuition. After completing my Masters degree, I started as a Careers Counsellor at UNSW, and shifted into HR and Psychology-based roles which I loved. I was lucky to work with amazing people. Along this path, I snagged myself a lovely younger man, who had a dimple in his cheek, a razor sharp wit, and a wicked sense of humour that made me cry with laughter. I was sold.

What I Birthed

Hubs and I had our babies in 2012 and 2014 – two gorgeous girls who make us laugh, cry, grit our teeth with frustration, and love like we never have before. I yearned for kids for a long time and thankfully I got what I wished for plus oh so much more personality and spirit. But OMFG was I ill-equipped and shocked to the core at how hard, exhausting and relentless this new parenting gig was and still is!

I am no Stepford wife nor perfect mum. I struggle with the daily juggle and mummy guilt like the rest of us. Some days I’m a zen tantrum taming mama. Some days I am short fused fire breathing dragon mama. Other days I am playful silly mama or simply cuddly couch potato knackered mama (thanks Play School!). So many new versions of me have come into play as a parent. What an adventure it is!

What Makes Me Tick

I am brutally honest about what parenting is really like and am unashamed about telling it like it is – often mixed with a bucket load of swear words (which is a great release!), and a good dose of humour. So I get a kick when I am able to help other parents feel comfortable enough to share and process their vulnerabilities and raw experiences. I really want other new parents to find their voice, a sense of connection, and to feel truly supported.

My Guilty Pleasures

Milo – on everything

Collecting tattoos

Scrolling through Pinterest for visual inspiration

Gorman prints

Meet Lana Sussman

  • Mama of one delicious dictator
  • Social Worker, Counsellor and Dramatherapist
  • People Connector
  • Ritual Maker
  • Avid Recycler
  • Essential Oil Enthusiast
  • Facebook Addict

Professional Bio

I am a Clinical Social Worker and Arts Psychotherapist with over 13 years’ experience in Australia and the UK, in private practice, clinical and educational settings. My desire to work with expectant and new mothers, along with their partners and children, began during my first clinical social work placement at The Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney, and when I became a mother in 2014, this passion only grew.

I have a particular interest in the perinatal period and specialise in helping women to heal from childbirth trauma through targeted Birth Debriefing therapy. I use a unique blend of evidence-based approaches and traditional talk therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychotherapy and mindfulness-based techniques, as well as incorporating creative modes of intervention to support my clients. This includes creative arts such as drama, music, movement, ritual, play, storytelling and visual art into my counselling work with individuals, couples and children. This integrative and adaptive counselling approach allows my clients additional options for conveying and understanding their feelings particularly in times when “words are not enough”.

What I Thought I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up

When I was 5yrs old I wanted to be a nurse because the boy I loved wanted to be a Doctor. Drama and acting was also a huge love of mine, and I was a keen stage performer throughout high school and my university days. I wanted my life to be more than just a show, I wanted to connect with and assist people and have always had a fascination with human behavior, sociology and psychology. I studied a Bachelor of Social Work at UNSW and loved it.

What Happened Next

I moved to London for a change of scene and to study a dream Masters Degree in Drama & Movement Therapy…combining two of my big loves…drama and therapy. Achieved my masters and found my man. In 2011 we got hitched on the sand of Koh Samui Thailand with 53 of our closest family and friends (highlight of my life!). We then moved back to Sydney where set up my private therapeutic practice and started the next chapter of our lives together.

What I Birthed

Our darling daughter was born in November 2014 and she is the most delicious heart exploding… and most challenging thing that has ever happened to us.

I birthed a child, and was reborn a mother. The juxtaposition…The bliss, and the tragedy. The peace and the terror. That pendulum would swing. I was overjoyed whilst also deep in grief of the life and person I once knew. Any form of the ego I once knew had been murdered by this tiny human who spun my world out of control. I met my ‘shadow’, bared my soul, gave everything I had, and searched hard and deep for a torch in amongst the darkness of it all.

I kept asking myself, “Why is this sooo hard?” Society had groomed me to think I could be in control. But the biggest lesson I learnt in it all was the “Letting Go”.

I felt so lucky to have supportive and loving friends and family, and particularly my private midwife was a lifeline at this time. But the age old concept of the village was something I craved. I just didn’t want to do this whole parenting thing alone…and a lot of time, I really did feel lonely.

What Makes Me Tick

Truth, sharing, being vulnerable, creating and strengthening relationships and connecting with others…and having a laugh. This is what life is about… this is the “guts”, the core of it all.

My Guilty Pleasures

Game Of Thrones (Its like family dynamics on steroids!)

Having a good old swear

Facebook….(yep I’m addicted)

Dark Chocolate

Staying up late for some “me time”

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