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Making Ritual Habitual

Making Ritual Habitual



The Parents Village / Blessingway

Making Ritual Habitual

A few weeks back we wrote about a gorgeous ritual that The Parents Village offers called a Mama Blessingway. In this weeks’ blog, we look at why rituals themselves are so important and how we can bring them into our daily world, transforming the mundane into the divine....

Blessingway Mandala

Turn off the Baby Showers …. And bathe in a ‘blessingway’ instead!

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a similar dialogue taking place over the tea station during breaks at our (parenthood preparation) workshops: “Are you having a baby shower?” conversations often lead to lamentations “It just feels so shallow” “just another excuse for my mother-in-law to buy unnecessary gifts”  “those blue and pink balloons will end up landfill“...

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