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Birth Debriefing

Birth Debriefing


Birth Debriefing

You deserve a chance to make peace with your birth story, to heal, and move forward.

Was the reality of your birth experience different from what you had imagined?

Do you feel overwhelmed, angry, disappointed or sad about your birth experience?

Is this affecting your relationship with your child or your partner?

Are you worried about giving birth again in the future?

Child birth is a rite of passage in a womans’ life as it pushes all the boundaries, physically, mentally and spiritually. It is one of the most sacred, primal and miraculous experiences. For some, birth can be empowering, blissful and uplifting. However, for many it was painful, terrifying and traumatic.

Birth Story Healing with The Parents Village is a therapeutic process which helps you reframe and release the trauma attached to your birthing experience. By reflecting on your childbirth story, you will gain insight and create new meaning so that you can move forward and feel empowered.

The birth of your child may not have gone to plan, you may have felt completely out of control or felt it took unexpected turns. You may have felt abandoned, isolated or distressed. You may have been left haunted, even years later with shame and guilt and a sense of hopelessness. We understand the importance of giving yourself permission to grieve the birth you didn’t receive or plan, despite having a ‘healthy baby’ in arms.

Everyone experiences childbirth differently, and everyone’s narrative is significant. Your story and feelings are real, and they matter. There is hope and light in all of this. There is a way out.

Through a variety of therapeutic methods including counselling, guided visualization, storytelling, drawing and journaling, you will be able to process and gain insight from your birth experience. You will feel listened to, nurtured, supported and empowered from this opportunity. Go beyond your story and find meaning behind it all.

The Parents Village has reverence for all birth experiences, and in whatever form or outcome they present themselves in.  You all deserve a chance to make peace with your birth story, heal, and move forward.

Contact Lana on 0413 389 620 for a free initial phone consultation.

 “Between 25 and 34 per cent of women report that their births were traumatic (1 in 7). A birth is said to be traumatic when the individual (mother, father, or other witness) believes the mother’s or her baby’s life was in danger, or that a serious threat to the mother’s or her baby’s physical or emotional integrity existed”


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