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Birthing The Parent™ – Prenatal Workshop

Birthing The Parent™ – Prenatal Workshop


Birthing The Parent™ – Prenatal Workshop

Manage your Expectations Early.

Prepare for Parenthood in Pregnancy because Birth is just the Beginning.

In the grand scheme of things, birth is the easy part – there is no epidural for parenthood.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that childbirth focused classes are the only prenatal option. Why not consider the big picture – the life long job and journey of parenthood ahead of you that will impact all aspects of your life.

Ever heard other parents say: “no one told me it would be this hard”?

This is often expressed because so much emphasis is placed on pregnancy and birth at the expense of focusing on the ‘real deal’ – Parenthood! Whilst most other prenatal classes typically centre around birth preparation and are very much women-focused, we recognise that birth is a single milestone moment in an ongoing transformation, with a steep learning curve to follow. Once your baby has arrived, the real work begins. So much to learn in so little free time! This is where we can help.

Birthing The Parent – Prenatal Program is a unique antenatal workshop.

It connects expectant parents and empowers you with relevant, practical, and honest information and insight into birth, babies and parenthood. This is your opportunity to to prepare holistically for ALL the elements of parenthood transition:

♥  Physical – your body, birth, health and well-being.

♥  Emotional and Cognitive – your mental health, history, identity, and expectations.

♥  Relationship – your connection, communication, conflict management, roles and responsibilities.

♥  Network – your support system, family and friends.

♥  Career – your career management plan.

♥  Lifestyle – your environment, priorities, finances, childcare, and divisions of labour.

♥  Newborn – newborn care, bonding, and attachment.

Tune in to Kirsty and Lana discussing the Birthing The Parent prenatal program with Shevonne Hunt from Babyology’s -Feed Play Love podcast here:


Delivered by Psychologist Kirsty Levin, this private couples program, includes evidence-based research, and interactive activities and discussion from the comfort of your own home. Content can be tailored to suit your needs and interests and scheduled to suit your lifestyle. On completion you will launch into parenthood with:

✔ Realistic expectations of birth and beyond.

✔ An understanding of you and your partners roles and needs.

✔ Stronger partnership connection and communication.

✔ A plan for postnatal support and recovery.

✔ Awareness of how to support your health and well-being.

✔ Confidence in your ability to birth and parent your way!



  • Online – via Live Zoom Calls OR
  • Your home (Sydney Metro) OR
  • Our Randwick Office


  • 3 x 2 hour evening sessions OR
  • 2 x 3 hour evening sessions OR
  • 1 day from 9am – 4pm

Cost: $495 per couple

Contact Kirsty at: kirsty@theparentsvillage.com.au or +61 414 841 585

Research shows that taking time to prepare for parenthood improves parental adjustment, parent-baby interaction, personal and relationship health and satisfaction, as well as infant development through the first year.

-Gottman Institute -PANDA- Beyond Blue-

Testimonials from our program participants

“Very interactive and rich in content…and covered matters that one would never think of normally…The mix of experience in psychology, social work, coupled with experience of motherhood, delivered a very solid knowledge of the topics discussed.” M. Sampson.

“This program was extremely useful as it was parenthood focused, which feels like its lacking in the ‘normal’ market that is otherwise all about the baby.” “This was Fantastic Preparation, almost like sessions of inside information!” P-W Sampson.

“Explained very well by both Kirsty and Lana..a great program! This could help a lot of new parents to know, understand and be prepared for their new born.” H. Ben-David.

”Thank you for holding this workshop..i found the language of love discussion to be a revelation for how to communicate and show my love to my partner.” A. Solano.

“The Birthing the Parent class with Kirsty and Lana was a great experience which I would highly recommend to all parents to be. It gives you a wonderful understanding to all topics, that no one would specifically talk about before you have to make your own experience. So it helps you a lot to calm your fear and anxieties, and understand your babies and your partners needs during this new level of parenthood.” S. Frohwerk.

Don’t be fooled.

Parenthood is the real test.

-The Parents Village-

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